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On this page we'll describe
SAXUET 's life and career :
the success and failures,
the joys and the sorrows...




Karolyn Verville

Karolyn Verville

Tenor Sax, Vocals & Percussions

Karolyn got her first saxophone back in 1984. Since then, she has played in many formations in Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. She has touched many different styles beside Jazz, including Techno Industrial, Funk, Blues and Latin music. She also is an excellent Latin percussionist, dancing and singing behind her timbales. Her beauty and talent are adding a feminine and elegant touch to the jazz formation.


Founder of SAXUET, she always promises a higher level of Jazz ensemble that will make you fall in love… all over again !



Catherine Lavoie

Catherine Lavoie

Alto & Baritone Sax, Flute


Catherine plays the alto saxophone since 1991. Also saxophonist for the Canadian Navy Reserve, she demonstrates how femininity and discipline can be intertwined.


Furthermore, she is an excellent music teacher in many elementary schools of the greater area of Quebec City and vicinities, which brings a delicate softness to the learning process.


Well known among the jazz circle of musicians on the Quebec scene, she is bringing beauty, originality, knowledge and sensitivity to this incredible formation.




Christine Boillat

Christine Boillat

Piano & Conductor


Christine has worked with so many formations throughout the years, that it would be impossible to enumerate them all in only one single page. Her experience and brilliant “jeu" on the large Canadian jazz scene has allowed her the mastering of great knowledge and jazz skills.  Renowned and considered as an icon by many in the jazz environment of the Canadian East Coast, she also produces soundtracks for theater plays, movies and so on, and has an extensive resume and experience.





The French-Canadian formation SAXUET came to life two years after Karolyn's father passed away, in 2001. This terrible event made her go further in her quest for Jazz, and she chose the songs for the repertoire, keeping in mind her dad's memory (Song for my Father) and also one lost love while she was living in Mexico City.


Karolyn and Catherine had already played in duo many times together, in bars, restaurants and corporate / private events, so the idea of a girly band was in the air.

The name SAXUET came from the mix of the words SAXOPHONE and DUET.
With this promising formation, a new feminine jazz perspective was born.

Few months later, the duo became quickly popular in many formal events of the Quebec City area, so the girls have had accumulated enough musical credibility to invite the most prized pianist of the province at the time CHRISTINE BOILLAT to join the group.

Along with Christine joining the group, two male musicians grafted themselves to the feminine formation: YVES JACQUES (Drums), and also the "Canadian Bassist of the Year 2000" PIERRE COTE (upright double bass).

With this incredible team of performers, Saxuet was born.



Few months after the release of their second album which sold out in Quebec, Karolyn's mom also passed away.

On the very evening of the burial's day, SAXUET was professionally playing in the biggest concert hall of Quebec, because they had a booking as the first part of the famous American blues band : Roomful of Blues.

The girls got this booking many weeks prior to Karolyn's mom passing away. The passing was a shock for everyone.

That night, Saxuet played wonderfully, inspired by a crowd of thousands of people, amazed and touched. The entire show was dedicated to the memory of Karolyn's mother. They also got a well deserved stand-up ovation at the end of the show. When asked by the media how she could play few hours only after her mother's burial, Karolyn simply smiled and said: "...because the show must go on".




They then got to meet major producer and label at the time : Guy Cloutier Communications, (now NOVEM), in a photo shoot for the promotion of their second album "Sax & Porto". This is when they signed a contract with this colossal recording company, for a third album.


This last album (eponym this time) entitled "Saxuet", came to life in 2004. Few weeks after, the album was high rated on the smooth jazz charts of many radios station in the province, and they got to have their own commercial advertising on television, along with many live interviews, including Radio-Canada, ABC (USA) and TQS.


In only few months, the band SAXUET had sold over 25,000 albums, and the number kept on going higher since ever after. You can also get the album via this website.



Birth of  Saxuet

November 2001

Original Members :

Karolyn Verville (t.sax)
Catherine Lavoie (a. sax)
Christine Boillat (piano)


Line Up:

Pierre Cote (bass)

Yves Jacques (drums)

CD's :     

-Silk Jazz (2002)

-Jazz & Porto (2003)

-Saxuet (2004)



Karolyn Verville

Karolyn Verville


Catherine Lavoie &
Karolyn Verville

Catherine Lavoie & Karolyn Verville


C. Lavoie, K. Verville & Christine Boillat

Saxuet Trio


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