"...When the lights dim down and the spotlights caress their delicate skin, making their rhinestones sparkle and re-giving to Jazz all it's flavor, you know that you are in company of the most incredible and beautiful Jazz trio..."


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Catherine Lavoie & Karolyn Verville

Catherine Lavoie & Karolyn Verville

On this page we will include an annotated list of the entire band's discography.  We did include sample sound and perhaps video files, if we can get our hands on some.


2001 : "Silky Jazz" (Jazz en Soie),


2002 : "Sax & Port Wine" (Sax & Porto), Studio VR; SAXUET


2004 : "Saxuet", entirely produced by Guy Cloutier Communications (now Novem), and distributed by Distribution Select.


album "Saxuet",  2004


1-Harlem Nocturne

2-To a Wild Rose

3-September Song

4-Bluer Than Blue

5-The Very Thought of You

6-Lonely Love Affair

7-Don't Take Your Love From Me

8-As Time Goes By

9-Someone to Watch Over Me

10-Cry Me a River (voice by Jacques Cote)

11-Blue Mist





They first came out with an album entitled "Silky Jazz" (Jazz en Soie), back in 2001, where Catherine and Karolyn put hours of hard work together, performing as a duo. The idea was to propose an artistic ensemble that would impact the spectator.

A year later, when Christine joined the group along with Pierre Cote and Yves Jacques, they thus added a highly precise view and interpretation of Jazz, and it is then that the girls recorded their second album: "Sax & Port Wine" (Sax & Porto) in 2002. All copies made sold out. This album was about love, true love, love that hurt and love that gives hope, and the songs were chosen in terms of this typical focal point.

They then got to meet the biggest producer and major label of the Canadian East coast (Guy Cloutier Communications, who became NOVEM) in a photo shoot for the promotion of the album "Sax & Porto". This is when they signed a contract with this colossal recording company, for a third album.   This latest album (eponym this time) entitled "Saxuet", finally came to life in 2004. 

Few weeks after, the album was high rated on the smooth jazz charts of many of the radios station in the province, and they got to have their own infomercial advertising on television, along with many live interviews, including Radio-Canada, ABC (USA) and TQS.  All the first prints of the album sold out and new prints were ordered. According to funder Karolyn Verville, “Instrumental jazz gives the opportunity to give access to a wider range of listeners. The public we aim at is not the jazz musician genius, but rather the neighbor next door, the everyday normal people, the ones who still believes in Love…”

Since, SAXUET has sold over 30,000 albums,

Catherine Lavoie &
Karolyn Verville

Catherine Lavoie & Karolyn Verville

Smooth Jazz...


Crowd at Montcalm's Palace, Febuary 2002

Crowd at Palais Montcalm, Febuary 2002